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Tell your friends about Sparkling Palaces! When one of your friends signs up for recurring cleaning services with us they get $50 off of the cost of their first cleaning. You also receive $50 off your next cleaning with us. We call that a win win!

This offer is only available to our current clients. If you love your sparkling clean home then please tell your friends. These referrals help our business grow more than anything else. To get started, simply fill out the form below. Let us know your name, and your friend's name and email address. We'll do the rest. When they sign up for cleaning we'll let you know, and then take $50 off your next sparkling!
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Service Areas

Before recommending us to someone you know, please take a look at our service areas. If you happen to know their zip code then enter it into our service area finder. We will instantly let you know if we can clean for them or not.

Unfortunately we can't clean for everyone, and we limit ourselves to most of the zip codes within Portland. We do this to minimize our carbon footprint, and to reduce drive time for the Sparklers. Our goal it to add more and more areas to where we service over time. Your referrals help us with this! More areas open us as demand increases.

Explore our service areas. If you happen to know the zip code of your referral see if they are in our service area. Then, submit the form above and get your referral bonus for $50!
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