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Welcome clients! Easily access our client hub below. Here you can view your upcoming cleanings, print receipts, request more work, and make changes to your payment information. Once you click simply enter your email address and you'll get a link to securely access our client hub.
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For any help gaining access to our secure client hub area please send an email to:

Tip Your Sparkler!

We now have a way that you can easily tip your Sparkler directly! Many clients ask us what is acceptable as far as tipping your house cleaner. We say that while gratuity is very much appreciated it is by no means expected. In fact, Sparkling Palaces provides some of the highest wages in Portland for our house cleaners. We believe in great pay for great work including full benefits and a living wage.

If you would like to show appreciation to your Sparkler for going above and beyond in their cleaning then simply visit our tip page and fill out the form. This will be processed and the tip amount you enter will be submitted to the payment information we have on file in the client hub. If you would like to use a different payment method for your tip please let us know.