Our Cleaning Policies

Take a moment to review our policies. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to visit our contact page and get in touch.
Will I have the same Sparkler every time?  
Hiring a cleaning service means that we manage your cleaning. All you have to do is provide us the dirty house! We strive to assign the same Sparkler to your home and send them as consistently as possible. Since our expert housekeepers get Paid Time Off as well as health insurance, they will take vacations or schedule doctor's appointments during the work week. This means that it is not always possible to guarantee the same Sparkler over our months and years of service. With our customized Work Orders and our dedication to excellence, any of our highly trained housekeepers can clean your home to your exact specifics.
What's the 100% Delight Guarantee?
Your happiness and satisfaction with our service is our highest priority. We want you to be delighted with our sparkling on every visit. That's why we don't have contracts for new clients  – our contract is that we keep you happy! If our cleaning ever falls short for any reason, please let us know within 24 hours and we will do a free re-cleaning for you!

How are the Sparklers compensated?
Our office does the hard work of finding reliable, detail-oriented employees and creating a culture of enthusiasm, teamwork and positivity. Our employees develop valuable life skills such as organization, time management and goal setting. Our wages are significantly above industry standard. We also offer a benefit plan that includes paid drive time, mileage reimbursement, paid time off, protected sick pay and a health insurance plan.  

How do I need to prepare for my sparkling?
The tidier your house is, the better access we have to surfaces and the more thorough cleaning we can do! We like to think of ourselves as little “cleaning fairies” so we will pick up your items, clean underneath and replace them as close to where we found them as possible. We ask your help to store any irreplaceable items (whether monetary or sentimental) before cleaning day. We request that any medications, loose jewelry, cannabis paraphernalia or personal toys be stored before our visit. If these items are left out on a surface, we will skip cleaning that area. We do not clean inside medicine cabinets or closed hutches. Clean indoor air is important to the health of our staff. We ask that any irritating odors be limited 24 hours before our visit. This could include tobacco or marijuana smoke, strong synthetic fragrances or chemical sprays.  

Do I need to give you a house key?
We encourage the exchange of a key or a door/lockbox code. We have a double-blind system for coding all keys, alarm and lockbox combinations, which we store in our safe at the office. Keys and codes are taken out of the safe by management on the day of cleaning and checked back in at the end of each day. In addition to locking all doors upon leaving, we will also close all windows on the main floor to secure your home. Because we take your security so seriously, we unfortunately can't leave your home unlocked for other service people. Do alert our office if you expect any repairs or remodeling to be done during our cleaning appointment.  

Do I need to be home?
Hiring a cleaning service means that we take care of all the details so you don't have to! We are happy to clean if you are home on the day of your sparkling - we'll simply ask where you'd like us to start and accommodate your needs. But you certainly don't have to be home on our account! Your preferences and all the details about your home will be communicated to your Sparkler before our arrival. For the safety of our staff, we do request that your home is secure upon our arrival, and no doors are left unlocked. If we arrive at your home and it is unoccupied and a door has been left unlocked, we will contact you to secure your home before we proceed with cleaning.

What if someone is home sick?
If you or someone in your home is sick on the day of your cleaning, please call or email our office first thing in the morning and we will reschedule you. For the health of our staff, we unfortunately can't clean when someone in your home is sick.

What if we're a no-shoe house?
We wear our athletic-tread cleaning shoes to give us traction while cleaning and to keep our Sparklers safe. If you have white carpets, we can provide booties to wear while cleaning carpeted floors.  

What about my pets?
We want to make sure all members of your family feel comfortable while we clean, including the furry ones. Sometimes dogs can react unpredictably to new people and equipment in their homes and we never want to cause them any anxiety. We only hire pet-friendly employees, but sometimes animals can be territorial when their owners aren't present. If you think your pet might be nervous, we ask that you crate or otherwise confine your animal during the cleaning. We unfortunately can't clean around pets who display aggression or have bitten people in the past. If an animal is showing aggression, we will leave your house and contact you to reschedule your cleaning.  

What about my kids?
For liability reasons, we unfortunately can't clean a house where children under the age of 16 are present without adult supervision. If you know your children will be home alone during the cleaning time, please contact our office ahead of time to reschedule.

What if something gets broken or damaged?
We clean extremely carefully and cautiously. In the event an accident occurs, and any breakage happens in your home, we will alert you and repair or replace the broken item as soon as possible. Our company is fully insured and all of our Sparklers are bonded as well as covered under our Worker's Comp policy.

What's outside the scope of my sparkling?
We provide incredibly thorough and meticulous cleaning. We unfortunately don't provide laundry or tidying services. Due to safety concerns, we do not move furniture or items over 25 pounds, including kitchen appliances. We do not clean animal or human bio-messes or empty diaper pails, clean around poisons or improperly installed items, surfaces where cleaning may cause further damage, or rooms where unsecured firearms are present. We do not clean mini-blinds. All surfaces (i.e. marble, granite) are assumed sealed and ready to be cleaned. We do not wet clean antiques or ceiling light fixtures. We do not clean around excessive black mold and will refer to a mold remediation specialist if mold safety is an issue.

Will my fee ever change?
We assess an annual price update to keep pace with inflation and to keep our benefits and wages competitive.

What are add-on services?
We are happy to add on cleaning inside the fridge or inside the oven. Just contact our office to schedule one of these services on your next visit!