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Gratuity is Always Appreciated

Welcome to the new tipping page for Sparkling Palaces! Our Sparklers always go above and beyond with your house cleaning and extra gratuity can be a way to show that you appreciate all that they do. Tipping is not required, and we do pay all of our employees a living wage with great benefits. However, if you want to show additional appreciation we have made it easy for you to leave a tip.

To add a tip to your payment simply let us know the name of your Sparkler and the amount you would like to tip. We will add your tip to the payment method you have on file. To add or change a payment method please visit our client portal. Let us know if you need help accessing the portal or if you would like to be set up for access to our client portal. Thank you again for your generosity!

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Great Pay For Great Work

House cleaning is not the type of service industry where employees have to live off of tips. However, house cleaning is tough physical work! At Sparkling Palaces we know that to attract and keep amazing employees we need to offer very competitive wages and benefits. Our pay rates are some of the highest in the industry. We do this so that we can train the best Sparklers and then hold them to our incredibly high standards of quality. We are second to none in the quality of our detailed, green house cleaning that we provide to you. Rest assured that our Sparklers are paid well, given great benefits, and treated with dignity and respect.

We also encourage our house cleaners to go above and beyond what is expected at every cleaning. We even build in an Extra Sparkle to each recurring cleaning service that is beyond what is on our normal detailed cleaning checklist. If at any point you want to show additional appreciate for your Sparkler then gratuity is always appreciated - it is guaranteed to make their day.
Why We Have The Best Employees
Thank you for your generosity!