A local artisan House Cleaning Company
Specializing in the details of Classic Portland Homes



There's a good chance you're looking for a job that resonates with your values of sustainability, eco-friendly living, working hard and getting the most out of life.  Please read our requirements and send a cover letter and resume to:

This is how we describe AWESOME: ™

Go Getter: You see something needs to be done and you do it! You never find yourself standing around with nothing to do; you like to be busy

Keen Eye For Detail: You notice little things others miss; you pride yourself on your meticulous nature

Excellent Communication Skills
: You know how to listen to others and express yourself in clear ways. You enjoy working with customers, co-workers and yourself!

Must Love Cleaning: You've really got to enjoy this work - you find it therapeutic, calming, gives you a sense of accomplishment, makes you feel good. This is essential!

Early-Bird: You are a morning person who's alert and in good spirits at 8am. You like getting your work done so you can have your evenings free to yourself

Optimist: You see the glass half-full, you enjoy the little things in life (and you don't mind that the people around you are easily amused as well), you rarely find yourself complaining; you see the humor in life

Self-Improvement Seeker: You give a 100% all the time and you are always looking for ways to improve; you like feedback and healthy competition, even if there's no one to compete against, you try to improve your personal best.


* Able to lift 20 lbs or more; be able to stand, bend and kneel to perform cleaning duties

* Ability to meet our criminal background check as a condition of hire

* Able to speak and write in English

* Valid driver's license

* Reliable, working vehicle

* Valid auto insurance

* Cell phone

* Commit to a Minimum 2 FULL DAYS of Cleaning Per Week 8:00-5:00pm. We are flexible about scheduling, but do not offer half-days of cleaning.

Sparkling Palaces is an Equal Opportunity Employer