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Eliminate covid-19

Fight Back Against Coronavirus With UVC Light Disinfection

We are providing hospital-grade disinfection with UVC light that works for your home or business | Eliminate over 99.99% of both surface and airborne viruses and fight back against coronavirus!
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Powerful disinfection

Safely Disinfect Both Surface and Airborne Viruses

Conventional cleaning is at best 50% effective! And while harsh chemicals can clean surfaces they don't treat airborne pathogens. Use UVC light to get rid of both surface and airborne viruses. UVC is over 99.99% effective | Go beyond conventional cleaning.
UVC Safely cleans
Children's Toys
Indoor Air
All Visible Surfaces
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Fight Back With UVC

Hospital-grade Disinfection Made Easy

We're stepping up our fight against coronavirus! Using UVC light we can eliminate over 99.99% of viruses and germs. This technology has been used in hospitals for decades. Now it's time to make your home or business safe and healthy again.
UVC Light Benefits
Highly Effective
Rapid Disinfecting
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Fight Back With UVC

Hospital-grade Disinfection Made Easy

We're stepping up our fight against coronavirus! Using UVC light we can eliminate over 99.99% of viruses and germs. Make your home or business safe and healthy again.
UVC Light Benefits
Highly Effective
Rapid Disinfecting
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Slow The Spread

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Find out how easy it is to get started! We will provide you a free quote for your home or your business. See why more and more people are turning to UVC light disinfection to fight back against coronavirus.
Popular uses
Children's Rooms
Family & Living Areas
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"Our mission is to help create healthier homes and businesses. UVC light disinfection brings a new level to our ability to sanitize and disinfect. Let's fight coronavirus and slow the spread together."
Giving Back

Supporting Our Frontline Health Professionals

Everyday we rely on our frontline health care workers in the fight against coronavirus COVID-19. These dedicated professionals are risking their own health to save lives. They need more medical equipment and they need our help. That's why Sparkling Palaces is donating some of what we make from offering UVC to support First Responders First. Together we can help provide equipment to where it's needed most.
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Destroy COVID-19 With UVC Light

Ultraviolet sanitation destroys over 99.99% of germs using UVC light. Sparkling Palaces has worked hard to bring you this revolutionary cleaning technology for use in homes or businesses. We offer UVC light disinfection as a standalone service, or you can combine it with our conventional cleaning for the most thorough sanitation services possible.

Using UVC light technology we can provide the safest cleaning services on the market. We start by using UVC light to eradicate both surface and airborne pathogens. Then, we clean with disinfectant products that are EPA approved to kill COVID-19. Finally, we apply more UVC light to leave your home or business immaculately clean and sanitized.

"Studies performed by independent laboratories and healthcare facilities show that UVC light disinfection systems are highly effective. Studies show they are greater than 99.9 percent effective at killing deadly and dangerous pathogens."

How UVC Light Disinfects

It's estimated that conventional cleaning methods only eliminate 50% of total germs! That's why hospitals have been using UVC technology for decades. The germicidal capability of UVC light is over 99.99% effective at eliminating pathogens. UVC is especially important for getting rid of airborne germs.

UVC light provides hospital-grade sanitation in a number of different settings. The technology is being used worldwide to fight the spread of COVID-19. Applications include: homes, businesses, airplanes, buses, hospitals, ambulances, and more! The best part: UVC leaves behind no chemicals or residues and doesn't damage objects.

Ultraviolet Light

With the correct application of a specific type of ultraviolet light called UVC we provide the same level of disinfection that hospitals use to sterilize rooms. UVC has powerful germicidal capabilities to help keep you and your family safe.

Eliminate Germs

UVC light has been proven effective at eliminating coronavirus. This method goes beyond conventional cleaning and is over 99.99% germicidal. In addition, ultraviolet irradiation eliminates airborne pathogens.

Stay Safe

We have provided conventional green cleaning for over 17 years. Now, it's time go beyond traditional cleaning to help protect our community. Fight back against coronavirus | Start with your free estimate.

Uses of UVC Light:

  • Safely disinfect children's toys
  • Sanitize phones, computers, monitors, keyboards and other electronics
  • Eliminate airborne viruses and pathogens
  • Sanitize residences for immunocompromised individuals
  • Protect high risk people like senior citizens
  • Disinfect areas after a suspected or reported case of COVID-19

Cleaning with UVC Light

Sparkling Palaces is fortunate to be able to offer this advanced cleaning option as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been an eco-friendly house cleaning company since 2002. Once the outbreak of COVID-19 reached us here in Oregon we realized that more aggressive means of disinfection and sanitation were necessary. We began by disinfecting high-touch areas with liberal application of hydrogen peroxide. Then, we started offering the use of EPA approved cleaning chemicals that are effective against the novel coronavirus. Still, this wasn't enough for everyone.

As mentioned previously, conventional cleaning typically only kills 50% of germs. During a global pandemic we wanted to provide a better option. Knowing that UVC light disinfection has been used in hospital settings for decades, we wondered if this technology would apply to homes and businesses. The data is compelling: UVC light kills over 99.99% of surface and airborne pathogens. Combined with conventional cleaning the disinfection rates improve further - lifting and moving objects lets us clean under and around areas that UVC doesn't reach. We now had found a way to bring hospital-grade sanitation to homes and businesses.

How Safe is UVC?

UVC light has powerful germicidal effects. When applied correctly it kills germs with very high levels of effectiveness. The technology is non-toxic and doesn't leave behind any chemical residues. Sparkling Palaces is a green cleaning company and believes in using cleaning products that aren't harmful to us or to the environment. UVC light provides germicidal capabilities without harsh chemicals. While the technology is non damaging, there are some precautions that need to be taken when using UVC.

The use of UVC light for disinfecting requires caution and special care. UVC light is particularly damaging to the eyes. Our cleaners wear protective equipment when operating the lighting systems and only operate UVC in rooms where there are no pets or people present.

How We Apply UVC Light Disinfection

Sparkling Palaces now offers ultraviolet sanitation with UVC light as a standalone service or in combination with our conventional cleaning methods. When combined with our regular cleaning products you get the highest level of sanitation and safety possible. We want to help ensure you the safest home or business possible by eliminating coronavirus COVID-19 with the greatest efficiency possible.

We apply UVC light disinfection with a three step process. This process is designed to protect the health and safety of our cleaners as well as minimize the amount of germs brought into your home or place of business. UVC light as well as our cleaning products are highly effective against COVID-19.
  1. As soon as we enter your home or business we apply UVC light disinfection to eradicate germs on exposed surfaces and in the air, greatly reducing the risk to our cleaners
  2. Then, using hydrogen peroxide and EPA approved cleaning products, we clean every available surface to leave your home or business sparkling clean
  3. Finally, we finish by sanitizing with UVC light once again to kill any remaining pathogens including COVID-19, making the space safe for you and your family
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