A local artisan House Cleaning Company
Specializing in the details of Classic Portland Homes


About Sparkling Palaces 

Sparkling Palaces has served Portland with outstanding house cleaning since 2002.  Owner Amy Boggs, a self-described “cleaning nerd,” created her own near-obsessive detail house cleaning system that our housekeepers use today.

Classic Portland Home Cleaning

The Sparkling Palaces cleaning system was born of necessity to find a consistent, quality cleaning for the historic turn-of-the-century bungalows found in many neighborhoods in Portland. Architects of this era prided themselves on detail - louvered doors, white trim, picture rails, hardwood floors, built-in shelving, leaded glass - the list goes on.  Amy and her staff perfected this detail work, and now use this cleaning system on every home they clean.

Routine Cleaning

To best serve our clients, Sparkling Palaces offers only routine services - weekly, biweekly or monthly housecleaning. We specialize in meeting the needs of homeowners who want highly customized repeat service. 

Green Cleaning

Our eco-friendly cleaning will make you feel fresh and rejuvenated in your most important space - your home.  You can rest easy knowing we use Green Seal Certified products, eco-friendly cleansers and the highest quality vacuums.  Our products are effective, sustainable, and safe.


We invest in Miele Canister Vacuums to protect your indoor air quality. Miele’s AirClean Sealed System® is 99.9% effective in capturing and containing pollens, dust mites, pet dander, as proven by independent research companies.


We use no aerosols, bleach or harsh conventional products. A clean home smells neutral - with no chemicals left behind.

Cleaning Cloths

We use a combination of microfiber cleaning cloths and reclaimed surgical towels to remove dirt, germs, oils, and build-up from every surface in your home. Our Sparklers are trained in expert care of stone surfaces, stainless steel, tile, marmoleum, and hardwood floors.

Why "Sparklers?"

We call our expert housekeepers “Sparklers” because that's what they do-- they sparkle! They may not wave around fairy dust, but they do make every corner of your home immaculate. We provide all products and equipment needed to clean your home top to bottom!


Amy Boggs, owner of Sparkling Palaces, isn’t shy about her passion for Green Cleaning and running a small business. Amy's belief in sustainable cleaning practices makes her a driving force in the housecleaning industry. 

In 2009, while at the National Cleaning Convention, Amy was introduced to an eco-friendly cleaning product called Activeion.  Without missing a beat, she filmed a Youtube video and told the company she’d like to be their next spokeswoman. 

Later that year, Amy arrived in California at the Natural Products Expo West, and worked in the Activeion booth alongside Bill Nye, educating consumers about the Activeion product.  She went on to film videos for Activeion, and was featured prominently in their marketing collateral.

In 2010, Amy landed the front page of the Home Cleaner Magazine as the, “New Face of Professional Home Cleaning.”  

 She followed this up with AM NW Chanel 2.  She gave tips on Green Cleaning and Spring Cleaning on their live morning show.  

 In 2011, Amy arrived at City Hall on behalf of her small business advisers.  Amy presented her entrepreneurial success story to the mayor and the City Counsel, where she called for more funding to support entrepreneurs seeking advising through the Small Business Development Center. 

After this successful presentation, Amy gave a keynote address at the National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship.  The article, “5 Lessons Offered by An Entrepreneur From the Front Lines” was published.